Berlinale 2020

In February 2020,  ZEBRA film company took part in the 70th Berlin International Berlinale Film Festival 2020 and participated in European film market with four projects: film of Nana Djordjadze “Rabbit’s Paw”, an adaptation of Anton Chizh’s novel “Agata’s Case Files. Queen of diamonds”, a feature-length children’s film with animation elements “Mukhadrakon” and the psychological drama “15 years of marriage”.  

The EFM went very well for us, we found distributors from France and Germany for the project “Agatha’s Case Files. Queen of Diamonds”, Latvia and Belgium became our co-producers in the project «Mukhadrakon», on our debut work in the genre of psychological drama «15 years of marriage» negotiations are continuing with Norway, Belgium and Finland, and distributors from Italy, Russia and France showed great interest to the project of Nana Djordjadze «Rabbit’s Paw»,” – says Yulia Sobolevskaya.

Some of these projects have already received support from the Russian side, while others are under negotiation.